lava shells

A Touch of the beach without the travel!

Lava Shells are a revolutionary way for me to incorporate heat into any treatment with ease, beauty and versatility. 

Lava Shells are all natural Tiger Clams that are harvested in the Philippine Islands by the natives for food. Until now, the shells have been discarded. Spa Revolutions had the brilliant idea of using these shells as a self-heating massage tool. Hand-selected for size, shape and structural integrity, these shells are polished and sanded to reveal their unique pattern and natural beauty. 

The shells are made of calcium carbonate, just like our bones and teeth. When heated these shells emit calcium ions which aid in the skin renewal process and can help give you firmer, healthier looking skin!

How are they heated? Using a combination of natural minerals, kelp, algae and salt water, these shells create a consistent and reliable heat for at least one hour - the duration of a full massage! There are no harmful bi-products and they are environmentally friendly. The shells are also available as retail kits. They can be used to not only give massages in the comfort of your home, but to release muscle tension or to promote relaxation.

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