SERVICES - All pricing includes sales tax.

Swedish Massage

$75/60 min; $86/75 min; $105/90 min

Ideal for stress reduction, this is most often referred to as “relaxation” massage. The focus is on long strokes, kneading and softening of superficial muscles. Soothing music accompanies the massage, assisting the individual to restore balance and unwind.

Deep Tissue Massage

$75/60 min; $86/75 min; $105/90 min; $160/120 min

Those who prefer “more pressure,” or have specific problem areas to address, this is for you. Deep compression and cross fiber friction are used to work out “knots” or tight deep muscle layers. This is a more intense massage focusing on improving muscle functionality.

Office Chair Massage

$225/3 hours; $295/4 hours; $365/5 hours  

Here's a great way to show appreciation for your staff or volunteers! Relieve tight shoulders, neck and back and spark rejuvenation! They'll thank you with increased productivity! 

Lunch Hour Massage

$56/45 min

Never has a lunch hour been this relaxing! This is designed to allow you time for a 45 minute massage and enable you to get back to work without being late! This will soon become a lunchtime favorite! 

Half Time Massage

$45/30 min

Want to relax but limited on time? All it takes is 30 minutes to ease your muscles and help you feel more relaxed throughout your day. This is one to-do you'll enjoy crossing off your list!

Couples/Friends Massage

$150/60 min

You and another individual have the opportunity to simultaneously share in the massage experience, receiving hour long massages in the same room. It’s the best of both worlds; relaxing and spending quality time with someone close to you. Please call to schedule; this massage does require schedule coordination with another therapist.


Touch of Gratitude has not only a commitment to you, but to the community as a whole. As proof, 10% of every massage is donated to various non-profits. Now you can feel good about receiving your massage for another reason; while taking care of yourself you were able to help someone else!


Love the massage you received? Let your friends and family know! For each referral you can either take $15 off your next massage OR get an additional 15 minutes free. It’s my way of saying I’m grateful for your trust and support!